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Get your business ready for 2019.

Your website won't be just a few pages sitting on a server collecting virtual dust. It will be a user experience fine tuned to work for your company or business.

As Mike crunches numbers and data through devoted research, he'll create a list of applicable methods to attract traffic to your website.

Den, in turn, creates layouts that excite, motivate and direct, essentially converting traffic into calculated sales.

If your about to start-up a new business, experiencing a transition of growth or simply need better volumes, contact Mike and Den today for a free consultation.

Branding & Design

Corporate Identity, Advertising, Signage, Printed Collateral, Digital Assets, UI/UX Design

Website Development

Lead Generating Business Websites, E-commerce Platforms, E-learning Platforms

Search Engine Marketing

Online Market Research, Organic Traffic Campaigns, Pay Per Click Campaigns

Bespoke Programming

Custom Developed Programs for Internal & External Processes.

User Tracking & Conversion Design

Sale Funnels, UI Optimisation, Heat Mapping, Multiplatform & Custom Device Layouts

Our Proven Method for Online Marketing and Conversions.

1st Step: SEO and AdWords

We've all heard the whispers. "Increase your traffic to your website and you'll increase the volume of leads to your business".

The truth behind this statement is often obscured by a monthly report that is devoid of applicable meaning.

Sure, you're now the first page that appears for 30 search results on Google...

but if the combined volume results to 2000 impressions, and you factor in that realistically, you'll only convert 0.5% of those impressions into actual traffic, then you've just paid thousands for an increase of 10 users per month.

What's Better For Your Business?

Keyword 1

Your Rank: No. 1
Monthly Volume: 10


Keyword 2

Your Rank: No. 4
Monthly Volume: 2200

How Many Leads Can Your Business Handle?

Every campaign is designed to work for you.

With over a decade of industry experience and a genuine interest to see every single one of our clients succeed, Mike n Den will research your business, it's competitors and the market of which they reside.

Then, after carefully selecting the applicable search terms your ideal customers use to find your product or service, we create one campaign with the sole goal to attract a calculated amount of traffic to your website.

Once a clear target is set, we develop your website, content and create beautiful pages that tell your story and excite your customers.

We don't simply paste generic text onto a page, we design layouts and sales funnels focused on attracting users through the almighty search engine which is Google.

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2nd Step: Convert The Traffic

Here's the most important step.

Where most agencies are asking for your hard earned cash every month to give you a graph, Mike and Den are tracking the progress of the initial strategy that was proposed and agreed too.

If the strategy needs tweaking, updating or replacing, then rest easy knowing Mike and Den will be giving you a call and proposing alterations to your website.

It doesn't stop there. We track what your users are actioning on your website, when and where they decide to leave, how they scroll through your products and how they follow through the check-out process.

The end result will be an online platform that not only pulls in traffic from organic search results, but that converts that traffic into leads and/or sales.

If you're concerned about your current marketing company pulling a fast one on your business, call Mike and Den for a free consultation.

The Coffee Is On Us.